We approach every design solution with you in mind. From branding to placemaking, we value what you value! Whether it is consulting or us taking on a full design project, we consider a systematic and strategic approach to research and development of a brand.


When developing a brand, we are also developing family.

Research and Development (R+D)

We begin to connect and invest in stable, long-term relationships with our clients, which takes strategic research and planning. Research and Development also referred to as “R+D,” is the initial stage in our process for branding and design.

This stage involves the assessment of a client/customer’s current and future needs by asking questions for their views and feedback as well as carrying out market research. Many skip this process and regret it later! We are firm believers of having knowledge and wisdom in order to move a project forward.


We are visual creatures and visual communication continues to be the future.

Systematic and Strategic Approach (S2A)

You ever heard the expression, “Don’t dive in head first?” Although the metaphor originates from swimming, the idea is not to approach your project haphazardly. We approach everything systemically and strategically based on our findings from the initial R+D stage. At Risa, we don’t have a microwave-ready approach, but one that is custom tailored to your taste-buds. In the end, you are able to enjoy that satisfying delightful meal (i.e. your newly branded product or service) that you will not be disappointed with. Consultation is worth every penny, so feel free to reach out to us as we can help you maximize your marketing and design goals.


(BE) is also referred to as evangelism marketing, less gimmicky and more strategic.

Brand Evangelism (BE)

Evangelism. That can be a strong word for those that are spiritually faint; however, a nuance to the word “marketing.” When you think of evangelizing a brand it is to quicken it’s spirit and appearance, so that others can be drawn to the product or service. A brand evangelist is a true fan, someone who wants to talk about and share your message and get involved in any way they can. We bring your brand up to a level that gains the respect and recognition of your target audience. It is more than just design, but being able to transform the former identity into the new one. That is a process that is challenging; however, it is above and beyond rewarding! We are willing to undergo that process with you!

We can help bring your vision come to life!

Some things we can do

Our skills

“Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.” —Albert Einstein

Quality Logo Design

We take branding pretty seriously. If you don’t have a quality logo, then everything else can quickly begin to fall apart. That is why when we design logos they are made in a way that can easily be translated into different mediums.

Marketing & Communications
SEO; Internet Marketing; and Campaigns

We understand that in this day and age the pressure to mobilize information about one’s brand is imperative, but can be at times overwhelming if you don’t know where to begin. At Risa, we are here you help you figure out ways to strategically target your audience while simultaneously building brand awareness.

Print Design
Wide-array of services available.

Regardless of how popular the internet has gotten and how “green” businesses have become over the years, print design is still a necessity. From posters and postcards to book design and annual reports, Risa has you covered.

Finished design projects

Our best works

Clients’ recognition and support inspire to keep
developing and achieve perfection.

testimonial author
Risa Associates, Inc. has been very professional, patient and the logo has been such a blessing to the ministry. I highly recommend Risa Associates to anyone who is looking for something unique!
Lourdes Delacruz
Founder of Hope & Love
testimonial author
I'd like to take a moment to thank Risa Associates for the amazing job that they have done in coming up with a logo for our non-profit. The design was simple yet filled with deep meaning. The logo embodied the very message we wish to convey. We considered other design options but Risa Associate's vision was aligned with the message of our ministry. We are very happy with the logo and will be using it for years to come.
Lori Maldonado
Co-Founder of Revelations 12:11 Inc.
testimonial author
Elisabetta (Founder of Risa Associates) is trustworthy, energetic, and passionate about her studies in graphic design. She is also a true craftswoman, a skill she learned from her father.
Rocco Piscatello
Principal at Piscatello Design Centre

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