Project Underway: Rockaway Waterfront Alliance

Project Underway
Project Underway

• Preserve and protect existing communities • Create sustainable economic development

Recommendation: Fund and construct the proposed Underway Path beneath the elevated A-train. The Underway is a proposed bike and pedestrian path that would run under the elevated A-train’s structure, providing a covered, protected place for residents to utilize for both transportation and recreation purposes. As discussed, the Rockaway Freeway currently consumes this space. Taking advantage of its lack of congestion, drivers often speed along this route at speeds in excess of posted limits. The lanes of traffic vary along this route, and pedestrians are therefore unable to predict traffic flow. In its current state, space is quite unsafe for drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists. Reclaiming this space for the use of Rockaway residents would provide an opportunity for placemaking, where the community could control the design of the space.

Transforming the space into an area for pedestrians and cyclists would have little impact on vehicular traffic, as actual vehicular usage along the route is low, and traffic could easily be diverted to the other two boulevards running parallel to the freeway.

Rockaway Waterfront Alliance has begun the process of campaigning for this space to be a part of the Jamaica Bay Greenway, and community support for the project is high. One of the steps needed is also to secure funding and have the City committed to seeing the Underway project completed. Doing so would offer a common-sense solution for this underutilized space, and is a major step toward enhancing the quality of life for Rockaway residents.

Earth Day: Engaged the community by asking residents what they would like to see underneath the A Train by providing post-its and pens to share their thoughts.

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